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Keynote Speaker Presentations

Opening Session

Keynote 1: Madalene Soares, Health Service Manager, Timor Leste

Implementation of integrated health systems at the community level (SISCa) in Timor-Leste


Keynote 3: Peter Macdonald, President, Australian Doctors International

Working for a healthier Papua New Guinea


Keynote 4: Sam Prince, Principal, One Disease At A Time

Eradicating scabies in the Asia-Pacific


Keynote 5: Max Kamien, University of Western Australia 

The struggle to grow our own health professionals in rural Australia



Plenary Session 2: The key themes


Panel session 

Panel session (5-minute statements followed by facilitated discussion)









Plenary Session 3: The foundations of good health

Keynote 6: Brendon Grylls, Western Australian Minister for Regional Development 

Healthy regions for healthy communities


Keynote 7: Pat Dudgeon, University of Western Australia 

Mental health and racism


Keynote 8: Christine Jeffries-Stokes and Annette Stokes, University of Western Australia

Seriously creative: managing chronic conditions in the heart of Western Australia


Plenary Session 4: Listening to consumers and citizens

Keynote 9: Amanda Sheedy

From public participation to social movements: engaging citizens in policy development in Canada


Keynote 10: Desley Renton

Engaging rural communities to produce a sustainable decision


Keynote 11: Gavin Mooney

Citizens’ juries: a citizens’ revolution in rural health


Plenary Session 5: Celebrating our heroes and mentors

Keynote 12: Dr Rob Patuzzi, University of Western Australia

The Libby Harricks Memorial Oration: Molecules, managers or mentors: how can we minimise noise damage at the worksite?



Plenary Session 6: Rural and remote health workforce development

Keynote 14: John Menadue, Centre for Policy Development

The costs and benefits of reform in the rural and remote health workforce


Keynote 15: Robyn McDermott, University of South Australia

Good things take time—and come in little parcels


Keynote  16: Teresa Wall, Te Kete Hauora, New Zealand Ministry of Health

Reducing health inequalities for Maori



Plenary Session 7: Health and health services in a turbulent environment

Keynote 17: Methuen Morgan, environmental psychologist and farmer

Rural people’s responses to environmental stress


Keynote 18: Colin McAllan, Chair, Gormandale Community Recovery Committee and Youth Leadership Program 

After the Victorian bushfires: not just surviving but building and growing


Keynote 19: Mukesh Haikerwal, Lead Clinician Group, National e-health Transition Authority 

E-health and natural disasters: planning, communications, mitigation and recovery


      Closing address: Nicola Roxon, Minister for Health and Ageing