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Why we need a new rural and remote health strategy

The National Rural Health Alliance has been leading advocacy to the Government that it is time to develop a new Rural and Remote Health Strategy, together with a fully funded Implementation Plan.  In developing its thoughts on the need for a new Strategy and its contents, the Alliance is developing a series of discussion papers, with the first now available – considering the reasons why we need a new Strategy and what has been achieved under the 2011-12 Strategy.

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From 1 February 2018 medicines containing codeine will no longer be available without a prescription. 

With support from the Australian Government, the National Rural Health Alliance is developing specialised information for people living in rural and remote areas to ensure that they are aware of the change and how it may affect them.

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The Alliance made a pre-Budget Submission to Government taking into account key strategic goals agreed by Alliance Member Bodies at its annual meeting September 2017, as well as priorities identified by delegates at the 14th Rural Health Conference held in Cairns in April 2017.

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Editor in Chief Russell Roberts writes about physical health and mental illness.  NRHA Chief Executive Officer, Mark Diamond, outlines the Alliance’s plan to develop service access standards for people living in rural and remote Australia.

This issue has original research articles on mobile eye health, the Tasmanian medical workforce, mental health in rural and non-rural South Australia, osteoporatic refractures, and support for breastfeeding mothers in rural Western Australia. And more.

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An exciting program has been designed which weaves together past research activity in rural and remote health with the new wave of researchers who are taking the sector to the next level.  The program offers something for everyone with high quality speakers; interactive Rogano sessions; a series of short Lightning Talk presentations; as well as general presentations and posters. The detailed program is online and registration is now open.