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Developing RACCHOs model of health care

The Alliance is developing a new model of rural health care that will benefit both health professionals and communities in rural, regional and remote Australia.

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People in rural, regional and remote communities bear the brunt of health effects from our changing climate, prompting the National Rural Health Alliance  to recommend tangible government measures. The Position paper: Rural health policy in a changing climate – three key issues, discusses specific impacts and risk factors facing the 7 million people living in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia in relation to extreme weather events; impacts on agricultural output and food security; and debilitating insect-borne diseases.

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Since the pandemic began, the Alliance has been lobbying the Australian Government to ensure that rural communities are supported both now and into the future. Our focus now is on ensuring that people in rural communities are supported as the economy and job market recovers, which for some areas could take years. JobSeeker and JobKeeper must be maintained at their current rates past September and the JobSeeker allowance in particular must never be allowed to fall back to its previous rate. We also need economic stimulus for rural, regional and remote Australia, action to address critical shortages of health workers in rural areas, as well as ongoing support for rural health care providers to make sure they don’t close their doors, which would be devastating for both staff and consumers.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote communities in Australia experience a disproportionate burden of chronic disease and there is clear evidence of the significant detrimental health effects of poor nutrition linking to a range of chronic diseases which affect life expectancy and overall community well-being.

The communities hardest hit by the 2019-20 bushfires were rural, regional and remote areas which...

The Alliance's submission highlights issues around supply of PPE, telehealth, unemployment...

A national commitment to the climate and health policy agenda is urgently required to protect...


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 Australian Journal of Rural Health

Australian Journal of Rural Health

The Australian Journal of Rural Health (AJRH) is a multidisciplinary refereed journal published on behalf of NRHA by John Wiley and Sons Australia Ltd.

Little book of rural health numbers

Little Book of Rural Health Numbers

Health related statistics in rural, regional and remote Australia. This is a working Alliance document which is regularly updated. 

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