15NRHC Recommendation - 03/25/2019 - 16:48

Current Telehealth MBS items mandate a videoconference consultation and collocation in time of primary care and specialist practitioners, and patient. Often it is difficult to organise patient and practitioners to conduct the consultation at the same time. An expert multidisciplinary Telehealth Working Group should examine current practice and create formats making more efficient use of the technology.

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Access to multidisciplinary input via teleconference would be amazing. I wonder if there is some way to link this to building local health provider capacity?

It already happens, quality video conferencing with participants a three sites can feel as we are all in the room together, however it can be a very bad experience with a dodgy video or audio link, so the technology and the NBN needs to be up to speed! ( pun fully intended)! There needs to be a good support person at the patient end if the meeting does not meet patient expectations.