15NRHC Recommendation - 03/25/2019 - 16:22

Upgrade to NBN is essential so we can take advantage of technological opportunities towards improving access.

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Upgrade to NBN is possibly a simplistic view. We need more access to non-satellite NBN services so we do minimise congestion on the SkyMuster services. SkyMuster services should be used for people that cannot access other services. Eg many people are on SkyMuster when they could be on fixed wireless NBN. More RRR people should have accessed to fixed wireless - ie NBN Co needs to expand its Fixed wireless coverage. This will be much better for accessing telehealth/online health services than mobile services for a variety of reasons, eg congestion can be managed better, its cheaper, more capacity to upgrade, better data allocations. We also need to look at more easily expandable internet connectivity services eg light technologies. Some "people in the know" have suggested that we can upgrade/expand light technology communications more cheaply and safer than mobile services. There are health risks associated wth mobile services as well. More investment needs to be made into light and other technology (eg low orbit satellite) to provide much better (more reliable, cheaper, robust It is quite possible our current NBN solutions will not meet our needs in the next couple of years..have a look at what is being done in Japan with AI and hologramatic communications.