15NRHC Recommendation - 03/25/2019 - 15:40

Support for nursing and allied health students to undertake rural placements should be matched with that of medical students. Currently there is substantial financial and social support for medical students to complete rural placements, but very little exists for other health disciplines. This support should come from Universities and government bodies, all of whom play an integral role in student rural placements. Consider expanding current programs, which fund rural medical student placements, to incorporate other health related degrees.

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There is significant inequity re this issue med students get gym memberships, free accommodation, support and mentoring. Bsg students are accommodated in the backpackers hostel( old and tatty) and pay for it!! They receive zero benefits

There needs to be equitable student support for placements and scholarships across all health disciplines. It's not just about doctors.

Another way to consider this is to have places in courses that communities encourage local to students take up health careers, universities activity exploit technology to keep these students local with only absolutely necessary short sharp residential blocks. This would greatly reduce the cost for the rural health student