CCK Recommendation 554

Conference calls for a set of integrated national initiatives which would significantly raise the profile of child health care in Australia and dramatically improve our national capacity to understand what needs to be done and to act on it. Although these initiatives are not exclusively 'rural', Conference delegates see these organisational proposals as the key context for better care for country kids.

The proposals are:

i. the formation of a coalition of child health and wellbeing expert bodies to drive action on child health;

ii. development and action on a National Child Health Action Plan (NCHAP), based on the practice of genuine consultation with children;

iii. establishment of a National Planning and Monitoring Platform for children's health in the Department of Health, to gather, analyse and report on data relating to child wellbeing;

iv. development and maintenance of a virtual hub to provide information on joined-up care for rural kids; and

v. a national plan for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

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