CCK Recommendation 450

Organistions working in remote communities have to prepare their employees as if they are working in another country.

They must liaise with the local elders to:
— provide information that respects the history, culture and language of the country.
— organise induction of new recruits by the local people.
— arrange for each recruit to have a local mentor.

They also have to:
— use and train local interpreters.
— get regular feed back from local staff and the community.
— ensure that at least one member of their staff has qualifications in English as an additional language.
— regularly coach local workers for their English TAFE courses.

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In my experience living and working in Kalgoorlie WA and also having the opportunity to travel to the Ngannyatjarra Lands, I thought this was a standard practice in remote communities - maybe not?!?! Great suggestion...

Local staff have to be supported by the organisation. Local staff are there for the long term, have the knowledge, relationships and skills to work with the community but may not necessarily have the expertise to address particular health issues.

this is a vital recommendation that is not done well (hardly ever) in Australian remote areas. Complete endorsement from me.

I think the concept of what is being requested is important but I wonder if the wording of this is appropriate. I would be interested to hear how Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders feel about the wording.