CCK Recommendation

funding incentives are required for uptake and sustaining telehealth - including adequate funding for paediatrician and other practitioner at patient end, incentivised funding as currently provided by Qld Health, including emergency department consultation, and for allied health consultations

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Research into demonstrating the feasibility of telehealth in Allied Health and the validity of telehealth assessments using existing valid tools should be supported as well as implementation programs. This would enhance the way forward for innovative telehealth models in government departments particularly, where funding and support for change is perhaps most difficult to obtain but could well have most significant impact.

Need to ensure that Health Service Leaders/Funders are educated and informed about the benefits and requirement to ensure that telehealth is successfully implemented within Health Services. The infrastructure needed to implement telehealth must be supported and funded (eg. IT systems, medicarts, telehealth support staff available on the ground!)