Posted on Monday, 25 May 2015
* this recommendation is for session A1 A. Current approaches of training through rural clinical schools and selecting candidates with rural background should be continued B. Introduce screening at course entry, of all health professionals to determine their interest and predisposing characteristics to rural or remote practice (etc. low harm avoidance, high novelty) C. For all trainees with interest, enable structured rural training pathways (rural placements, that are as long, often and well timed as possible), to increase self-efficacy, develop a positive construct of rural and remote work and increase context specific skills. D. Use innovative ways of building the rural workforce of the future acknowledging macro level trends a) current generation expect accessible social networks, lots of peer support, high quality work experiences, and to maintain competitiveness in the metro job market b) overseas-trained health workers continue to be important c) graduate training is becoming the norm E. Invest in workforce research and evaluation so as to build evidence-informed policy (e.g. MABEL, MSOD, allied health and nursing data)

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This is a well thought out, Multi-strategy recommendation which brings a refreshing level of 'considering what works' (evidence) to this space. This echoes many of the recommendations in Carol Gaston's Review of Commonwealth Workforce programs; we are finally starting to see some of these sensible recommendations being implemented (eg Modified Monash Model). We can springboard off this momentum in crafting advocacy efforts to C'w.