Posted on Monday, 25 May 2015
Recognition for all health professionals who are 'rural generalists' for the skills required, and being experienced practitioners in a specialist field.

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Recognition is important, but not enough. All undergraduate courses should include positive exposure to rural practice (and more clinical placement scholarships and infrastructure are required to support this). We also need funding to support post-grad training pathways, so the development of skill and scope broadening and deepening (in response to community needs) is supported. There is some great work occurring in Northern Australia that can be built on for the Allied Health Professions. Opportunities to integrate some elements of the RG pathway for Doctors, AHPs and Nurses should be explored. Also there may be opportunities to piggy back on the National Disaster Response Centre's training program to rapidly escalate skill development, fit for the breadth of scope required for health professionals working in integrated, multiD teams in rural and remote.