Posted on Monday, 25 May 2015
Health jurisdictions need to provide ongoing training and support for health service managers, recognising the unique challenges that are present in managing regional, rural and remote services.

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A recommendation out of concurrent session A9 - Colloquium on planning and managing rural health services

Quite often, people are moved up into a managing role in an acting capacity,often for months, so training, support and mentoring may be delayed or absent.

training and support for middle level managers, distanted geographically from the work place is crucial to retention of clinical staff. It requires leadership plus management training not just promotion up the ladder

The ACHSM as a peak body for health Service Managers needs to be more active in representing the interests of Rural and Remote Health Services, particularly in the primary health care space. This must come from increased membership and voice from rural and remote members.

ACHSM should continue to grow their webinar sessions from all states to support rural health managers and to expand their a Rural Residency Program in other states outside of Victoria.