Posted on Monday, 25 May 2015
The NRHA advocates for and supports the development of funding, education and workforce structures that facilitate the implementation of a Rural Generalist Pathway for key allied health professions. The Pathway would align to the professional skills and capabilities required of rural and remote models of care, including wide breadth of profession-specific clinical practice, inter-professional skills (skill sharing), use of telehealth, delegation to support workers and collaborative practice models. Substantial scoping and local trial work already completed in some jurisdictions and organisations should be leveraged to examine wider scale application.

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Australian Physiotherapy Association working on structuring a framework to deliver a course to support rural physios that are often more isolated to specialty skills and resources than urban counterparts. Interest in working together with the above mentioned pathway to structure appropriate and effective delivery of the concept.

Financial recognition of these skills through grading needs to be supported by health districts.