Posted on Monday, 25 May 2015
Expand Nurse Practitioner access to MBS Item numbers to reflect the work they do, particularly in rural and remote settings. Some NPs do the work of GPs where no GP will go and therefore should have similar Item numbers available. Also allow Nurse Practitioner access to Provider Numbers for facilities that are not 19(2) Exempt OR expand the exemption criteria to include facilities in towns with populations <50,000 people.

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NP in public hospitals cannot access MBS. If they could it would assist organisations to supplement the cost of the NP. Why can a NP in private practice access MBS?

NPs who work in or provide outreach services to smaller facilities that are 19(2) exempt, can get provider numbers. I have about 7 provider numbers for surrounding hospitals and health centres, but can't get one for the regional hospital at the hub.

This was also the recommendation to come out of session B6

I agree that access to MBS and PBS is critical to expanding the NP role and increasing numbers of positions in the system. We need for them to be able to claim for care planning and care coordination to improve the focus on this work.

NP work in an extended scope and should have access to MBS. However they do not substitute for GP's instead they collaborate, enhance and value add to GP and other health professionals, as health professionals in their own right with a scope of practice in nursing. Many remote area nurses who are not NP also work in areas where GP do not go and do not see themselves as doing the work of GP. Each have their own scope and role to fulfil. We need more supports for nurses, midwifes and allied health in theses areas rather than substituting as the GP

Yes I agree NPs are in no way GP substitutes, we are however often a more consistent contributor to health care provision when services are run on Locum GP services. Many specialist NPs in remote towns also provide a vital link and fill a huge service gap between GPs and infrequent specialist VMO services.

I am an NP employed by a rural remote public health facility with no on-site medical practitioner. The two VMOs and myself provide a weekly 'on-call' service to the hospital. Prior to my rostered on-call rotation with the VMOs, every third week we had no medical cover. As part of my extended scope of practice afforded by my endorsement I am required to request diagnostics pathology, radiology etc. However as I work for a Public Health Service I am unable to access the MBS which precludes my practice but if I provided the same service in a private health facility I would be able to obtain a provider number. All NPs regardless of whether they work for public or private health organisations should be entitled to access the MBS