Posted on Saturday, 16 May 2015
Recommendation re S100 Remote Area Aboriginal Health Service (S100 RAAHS) arrangements: 1. Review of the funding model for S100 supply to recognise and equitably pay for the dispensing of medications to clients in remote communities accessing medicatins via S100 2. Review of S100 supoprt funding to ensure clinic needs are met and funded through the allowance 3. Implementation of Indigenous medschecks and diabetes medschecks that are able to be conducted in remote clinics and funded appropriately 4. The expansion of funding for the Family model of enhanced primary healthcare in the Fitzroy Valley to include all communities.

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The s100 funding model needs to in cooperate clinical pharmacy services such as medication advice and education to ensure quality use of medicines and optimal health outcomes. Supply of drugs is all well and good however invidiuals need to understand their medications.