Posted on Saturday, 16 May 2015
The most important recommendation that we feel should be put forward is for the Department of Health to consider adding accredited exercise physiology professionals to Allied Health Services. As of 2015, this profession has a major role in regional and rural health program development for promotion and prevention and would be a valuable team member in local health districts. There are currently no accredited exercise physiologists employed in the Mid North Coast Local Health District

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This needs to be supported in not only a public health model delivered by state government but also building in Accredited Exercise Physiologists into current outreach teams funded under RHOF and MOICPD models. The need for AEPs within chronic disease teams is relevant due to their strong embedding with chronic disease prevention and management. AEPs need to be at the forefront of prevention strategies for chronic disease and rural and remote health.

This is a big gap. New funding is needed to enable the creation of new positions. Existing AHP services are so under-done in the bush, per capita rates much Lower than metro. Market failure in rural and remote is preventing growth in the private sector so state/C'w $ is needed. Perhaps there may be opportunities for PHNs to take the lead on brokering partnership models to fund the growth in positions in areas of need???