Rural area community controlled health organisations

The Alliance is urging the Australian Government to deepen its commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of rural, regional and remote Australians through a new National Rural Health Strategy, linked to an implementation plan with clear measures to evaluate its effectiveness.

We are also proposing a different model of rural health care called rural area community controlled health organisations. The model is an evidence-based policy solution that aims to overcome the professional, financial and social barriers to working rurally. It is therefore intended to build the rural primary healthcare workforce, improving access to affordable, high-quality, culturally safe care when and where it is needed.

The model provides a flexible employment structure enabling the payment of a salary and accrual of attractive employment conditions. It facilitates the delivery of multidisciplinary care, and is grounded in principles of co-design and strong local governance and leadership.

The Alliance has conducted 12 months of stakeholder consultation and costed the proposal to commence the rollout of 30 rural area community controlled health organisations starting from 2022–23.

Here is some more information about our plans for rural health and the model of primary health care.

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