Policy development papers such as discussion papers and issues papers are prepared to stimulate discussion on an issue of importance to rural and remote health. The views and opinions in the papers do not necessarily represent those of the National Rural Health Alliance or any of its Member Bodies.

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Document Title Date
Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Extent of Income Inequality in Australia 15 October 2014
Consultation Paper on the Review of the NRAS for health professions - letter 10 October 2014
Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014 - Submission to the Senate Educat... 29 September 2014
After-Hours Service Delivery - Submission to the Review 11 September 2014
Green Paper on Developing Northern Australia - Submission in response 15 August 2014
Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2015-16 - Submission to Independ... 30 July 2014
Review of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for health professions - subm... 16 July 2014
Opening Statement - Inquiry into the Australian National Preventive Health Agency (Aboliti... 02 July 2014
Inquiry into the Health Workforce Australia (Abolition) Bill 2014 - submission to Senate... 01 July 2014
Preventive health and health promotion activity in Australia - Submission to the Senate Co... 01 July 2014
Review of Mental Health Services and Programmes - Supplementary submission to the National... 23 May 2014
National Injury Insurance Scheme: Motor Vehicle Accidents 20 May 2014
Inquiry into the out-of-pocket costs in Australian healthcare - Submission to the Senate C... 12 May 2014
Review of Mental Health Services and Programmes - Submission to National Mental Health Com... 28 April 2014
Opening statement - Skin cancer in Australia: awareness, early diagnosis and management 25 March 2014