Complete List of Policy Documents

Date Document Title Policy Document Type
21 February 2012 Activity based funding for Australian public hospitals: Towards a Pric... Submissions
15 February 2012 Opening statement to a public hearing of the Standing Committee on Reg... Submissions
02 February 2012 Implementation of a hospital referral pathway to enable urgent Home Me... Submissions
02 February 2012 Developing a national approach to brain injury rehabilitation services... Positions
12 January 2012 Comment on the Regionally Tailored Primary Health Care Initiatives thr... Submissions
12 January 2012 Budget Submission Submissions
11 January 2012 Developing a national approach to the prevention, intervention and man... Submissions
06 January 2012 Submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee Factor... Submissions
23 December 2011 Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Bill 2011 and one rela... Submissions
07 December 2011 Submission to Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council’s... Submissions
01 December 2011 Hospitals, pricing and the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Submissions
01 November 2011 National Strategic Framework for Rural and Remote Health, November 201...
28 October 2011 Rural and Remote Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategy Submissions
28 October 2011 Exposure draft legislation for the personally controlled electronic he... Submissions
20 October 2011 Being well – promoting arts and health in Australia’s cultural policy Submissions
13 October 2011 Plan to ruralise junior doctor training Positions
11 October 2011 Use of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workforce practices in regional Austra... Submissions
22 September 2011 Specific priority actions for rural and remote health Political Advocacy
31 July 2011 The effectiveness of special arrangements for the supply of Pharmaceut... Submissions
07 June 2011 Feedback on the Draft Concept of Operations: Relating to the introduct... Submissions

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