Complete List of Policy Documents

Date Document Title Policy Document Type
22 September 2011 Specific priority actions for rural and remote health Political Advocacy
31 July 2011 The effectiveness of special arrangements for the supply of Pharmaceut... Submissions
07 June 2011 Feedback on the Draft Concept of Operations: Relating to the introduct... Submissions
06 June 2011 National health workforce innovation and reform Submissions
06 June 2011 Plan for a greater number of interns for rural, regional and remote se... Positions
24 May 2011 Inquiry into the registration processes and support of Overseas Traine... Submissions
22 April 2011 Improving the prospects for healthy ageing and aged care in rural and... Submissions
04 March 2011 The role and potential of the National Broadband Network Submissions
16 February 2011 Registration Processes and Support for Overseas Trained Doctors Submissions
14 February 2011 Flexible care packages for people with severe mental illness Submissions
08 February 2011 Equity in health for the people of rural, regional and remote Australi... Submissions
15 January 2011 Australia's health system needs re-balancing: a report on the sh... Policy Development
15 January 2011 An overview of the shortage of primary care services in rural and rem... Positions
19 November 2010 Submission to the Department of Health and Ageing Medicare Locals disc... Submissions
11 November 2010 Establishing and funding Medicare Locals to serve the people who live... Policy Development
30 September 2010 Submission to the Department of Health and Ageing on the framework for... Submissions
30 July 2010 Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry: Caring for Older Au... Submissions
01 June 2010 2010 Election Charter Political Advocacy
30 April 2010 Submission to NEHTA E-referrals version 1 Submissions
30 April 2010 Partnerships for Better Health Centres of Research Excellence – an opp... Submissions