Complete List of Policy Documents

Date Document Title Policy Document Type
24 September 2013 Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council 2014 Environment... Submissions
02 August 2013 2013 Election Charter Political Advocacy
26 July 2013 Healthy Communities Report 2011-12 - summary for NRHA Council Policy Development
21 June 2013 COAG Reform Council: Healthcare 2011-12: Comparing performance across... Policy Development
18 June 2013 NRHA Priority Recommendations from the 12th National Rural Health Conf... Positions
08 June 2013 Delivering equitable services to people living with a disability in ru... Submissions
24 May 2013 Roundtable Report: Implementation of DisabilityCare Australia in rural... Policy Development
21 May 2013 Public consultation on Australian Government’s child dental benefits s... Submissions
06 May 2013 Care and management of Australians living with dementia - Submission t... Submissions
02 May 2013 Aged Care Reform Bills 2013 - Opening Statement to Public hearing of S... Submissions
01 May 2013 Aged Care Reform Bills 2013 - Submission to Senate Community Affairs C... Submissions
26 March 2013 Submission to FAHCSIA on proposed rules for the National Disability In... Submissions
05 March 2013 Opening Statement to Senate Inquiry into the National Disability Insur... Submissions
28 February 2013 Indicators for measuring progress against the National Strategic Frame... Policy Development
21 February 2013 Discussion paper: Issues relating to the NDIS in rural and remote area... Policy Development
01 February 2013 Submission to Senate Inquiry on the National Disability Insurance Sche... Submissions
06 December 2012 Definition and Cost Drivers for Mental Health Services - Submission in... Submissions
07 November 2012 Australia's domestic response to WHO Commission on Social Determi... Submissions
31 October 2012 Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia - Respons... Submissions
19 October 2012 Public hospital block funding Submissions

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