Complete List of Policy Documents

Date Document Title Policy Document Type
01 February 2000 Understanding of the Determinants of Rural Health Policy Development
01 November 1999 Public Hospital Funding - Submission to the Senate Community Qffairs R... Submissions
01 September 1999 Fringe Benefit Tax and Rural Health Submissions
27 May 1999 Open Letter to the Prime Minister Submissions
01 January 1999 Tax Reform and Rural and Remote Health - Submission to the senate inqu... Submissions
01 December 1998 NRHA Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee Submissions
01 August 1998 RHIP 5 Blueprint for Rural Development Policy Development
01 August 1998 RHIP 4 Drugs and Alcohol in Rural Australia Policy Development
01 July 1998 Submission to the Australian Communications Authority Digital Data Rev... Submissions
01 June 1998 RHIP 3 Community Service Obligations: Meaning, Impact and Application Policy Development
01 June 1998 RHIP 2 Fighting Rural Decay - Dental Health in Rural Communities Policy Development
01 May 1998 Submission to the Minister on Rural Aged Care Submissions
01 May 1998 NRHA Submission to the Senate Inquiry - Telstra (Transition to Owner)... Submissions
01 December 1997 RHIP 1 Best Practice for Rural and Remote Health Services Policy Development
01 June 1997 Action on Rural Health - The NRHA's Submission to the review and... Submissions
01 November 1996 Local Government and Multi Purpose Services in Non-Metropolitan Areas Submissions
02 July 1996 National Rural Health Strategy, July 1996
01 July 1996 The Journey to Rural Health Political Advocacy
14 December 1995 Submission on the Rural health Strategy Mid-Term Review Submissions
01 December 1995 Strategies for Change Political Advocacy

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