Complete List of Policy Documents

Date Document Title Policy Document Type
01 May 2004 Current Issues for Australia's Rural and Remote Health Workforce Positions
01 April 2004 A Quality Rural Placement System for Health Students Positions
01 March 2004 Australia & the global supply of health professionals Policy Development
01 March 2004 A quality rural placement system for health students Policy Development
23 February 2004 Models of Specialist Outreach Services for rural, regional and remote... Submissions
06 February 2004 National Rural Health Alliance Submission to Department of Communicati... Submissions
01 January 2004 2004 Election Charter Political Advocacy
01 January 2004 Wanted: Allied Health Services in Country Areas Policy Development
22 December 2003 NRHA Submission to the reconvened Senate Select Committee on Medicare,... Submissions
23 November 2003 Bonded Medical Scholarships and University Places Positions
01 November 2003 Support for Overseas Trained Doctors Policy Development
01 October 2003 Opening Statement to Senate Telecommunciations Inquiry, October 2003 Submissions
01 September 2003 Poster: The Rights of a Rural Child in Healthcare Positions
01 July 2003 RHIP 6 Weaving Healthy Communities Policy Development
01 July 2003 Rural telecommunications - current status Policy Development
01 July 2003 NRHA Submission on Rural Telecommunications September 2003 Submissions
28 June 2003 Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Medicare, June 2003 Submissions
15 February 2003 Child and Adolescent Health Policy Development
01 February 2003 Submission to the inquiry into Long-Term Strategies to address the age... Submissions
01 February 2003 Position Papers 2002-2003 Positions

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