Complete List of Policy Documents

Date Document Title Policy Document Type
08 March 2023 Submission to the independent review of health practitioner regulatory... Submissions
03 March 2023 Productivity Commission – Inquiry into the effectiveness of Part 3 of... Submissions
10 February 2023 Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs Inquiry... Submissions
27 January 2023 National Rural Health Alliance – 2023–24 Pre-Budget Submission Submissions
16 January 2023 Senate Community Affairs References Committee inquiry into the univers... Submissions
09 December 2022 Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agric... Submissions
20 October 2022 Submission to Productivity Commission: 5-year Productivity Inquiry – A... Submissions
14 October 2022 Submission to the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (... Submissions
11 October 2022 Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the National Disability... Submissions
15 July 2022 National Rural Health Alliance Contribution to the Australian National... Submissions
29 March 2022 Australian Cancer Plan consultation submission Submissions
28 January 2022 National Rural Health Alliance—2022–23 Pre-Budget Submission Submissions
20 December 2021 Nurse Practitioner 10 Year Plan Consultation Submissions
13 December 2021 Draft National Healthcare Interoperability Plan Submissions
30 September 2021 Regional Telecommunications Review 2021 Submissions
30 September 2021 Inquiry into the provision of general practitioner and related primary... Submissions
27 August 2021 Addendum to the Submission to the Parliament of Tasmania: Rural Health... Submissions
24 August 2021 Submission to the Joint Select Committee on Road Safety Submissions
18 May 2021 House Select Committee on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Submissions
12 March 2021 Submission – Parliament of Tasmania: Rural Health Services Submissions

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