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This short allied health workforce story is from Penny. Penny is a locum physiotherapist often covering for physiotherapist that go on leave. Penny clearly feels a sense of connection and a sense of achievement and also enjoys the natural beauty rural places offer.

Penny’s story:

I have loved working in the bush for the last 6 years.

I love arriving in a new place, stepping onto the ground; cracked red dirt, crunchy grass, lush verdant greens, little slides in mud puddles, sniffing the fresh air, seeing a horizon, often in all directions.

Arriving at the work premises is being greeted by warm and welcoming smiles, and a showing through my locum duties. As the work day unfolds clients are happy to share their stories of their history, why they are presenting to see you, and are very happy to add those little details that exactly assist you to understand their particular feelings and history.

Throughout the day there are many sighs and smiles of gratitude that there has been able to be found a replacement for their usual physio, and nods of agreement that their usual physio certainly deserved a break!!

Its lovely sneaking in a sunset walk somewhere, something I have always felt as very medicinal. And a very good sleep follows!

I #loverural

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