Here are personal stories told by health professionals working in rural, regional and remote Australia regarding the services they provide on a typical day, challenges faced and why they #loverural.

Personal Stories

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Medical Student, QLD.

Today’s story is from Tom, a medical student and intern on the path to becoming a rural... READ MORE

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General Practice Registrar, QLD.

Simon arrived in Australia with a passion to work with people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait... READ MORE


Obstetrics and Gynecology registrar, QLD.

In this story, obstetrics and gynecology registrar Pradesha Hettiarachchi shares his experience... READ MORE


Rural Generalist and Anesthetist, QLD.

Dr Louis Peachey is a senior medical officer at Atherton District Hospital. He uses the case of... READ MORE

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Director of Emergency Medicine, QLD.

Julia is an emergency medicine specialist working in north-west Queensland. In this story, Julia... READ MORE

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Medical Intern, QLD.

In this story, Jay, a former nurse turned medical intern, expresses a strong opinion on the use... READ MORE


Medical Officer, QLD.

This is one story that puts a human face to rural and remote health in its own way. Geraldo, a... READ MORE


General Practice Registrar, QLD.

Ebonney is a general practice registrar with James Cook University (JCU). The title of her story... READ MORE


Practice Principal, VIC.

David’s story is an example of the unpredictability with which injuries in the bush occur, and... READ MORE

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