Here are personal stories told by health professionals working in rural, regional and remote Australia regarding the services they provide on a typical day, challenges faced and why they #loverural.

Personal Stories

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Dental therapist Rural NSW.

In today’s story Angela, a dental therapist, describes the services she provides to a rural... READ MORE


Dentist NT.

“We are very interested in public health and love the rural lifestyle, so it was a fairly... READ MORE


Dentist North Queensland.

In this story, Kylie, a former nurse and mother of six, describes her journey to becoming a... READ MORE

Lunchtime vista to the renowned Freycinet National Park 5 mins walk from the Swansea surgery.


Dentist TAS.

Today’s story comes from Matthew, a dentist working in a coastal town in Tasmania. Matthew... READ MORE


Dental Hygienist Rural & remote South Australia.

This is a story about the joys and challenges of working in a rural/remote setting, told by a... READ MORE

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