Issue 65

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health
Rural community leads the fight against rheumatic heart disease

Maningrida in the NT tackles a deadly but preventable disease with technology and traditional languages....More

By Kathleen Sweetapple
The Snow Foundation


Other Rural Health
Cultural immersion at Karntimarta

Secondary school students from Sydney were welcomed to a remote community in WA’s Pilbara region where they participated with local school students in a variety of activities in an exchange of friendship and cultural awareness....More

By Greg and Lois Bray


Research study on managing severely injured patients

Health care providers from Victoria who have experience of managing seriously injured trauma patients are invited to take part in a research project....More

By Jemma Keeves
Monash University


Other Rural Health
Paramedics pilot program to test advanced care services in rural and remote Australia

A pilot program in Victoria will trial new roles for paramedics in rural communities, in new settings such as urgent care and primary health care complementing the work of GPs, nurse practitioners and other health workers. ...More

By Allan Yates
National Rural Health Alliance


Other Rural Health
Students learn the art of medicine

Medical students from the University of Notre Dame live and work for ten days alongside west Kimberley people in family-owned and community organisations, such as cattle stations, schools, radio stations, local shires and small business....More

By Kerida Hodge
Rural Health West


Other Rural Health
Medical training designed to meet the health needs of rural communities

Designing a distinctive medical curriculum that focuses on meeting the health needs of rural communities is the focus of curriculum planning for a new School of Medicine to open at Charles Sturt University’s Orange campus in 2021. ...More

By Glenn McMahon and Megan Smith
Charles Sturt University


Chronic Disease/Risk Factors
Health problems caused by mould and biotoxins prompt Parliamentary inquiry

A Parliamentary inquiry has heard evidence that doctors are seeing an increase in patients presenting with biotoxin-related illnesses....More

By Tricia Greenway
Australian Integrative Medicine Association


Chronic Disease/Risk Factors
Diabetes educator improving the health of northern Queenslanders through understanding and prevention

Diabetes educator, Ingrid Hagne, is passionate about teaching people how they can make positive and sustainable changes to improve their health and stay healthy....More

By Karina Hughes
Northern Queensland Primary Health Network