Women’s Health Week set to increase community support for rural women’s health

  • Women's Health week group photo by a RFDS aircraft

Women's Health week group photo by a RFDS aircraft.

Rural women are among the key groups set to benefit in this year’s Women’s Health Week with a suite of new health resources including guides to finding the right healthcare to be released online during the week.

The annual health event, led by national not-for-profit Jean Hailes for Women’s Health, aims to increase awareness and education of women’s health topics including pelvic pain, endometriosis and menopause, and to encourage community participation in health checks and screenings. This year’s theme, ‘Your Voice Your Choice’ aims to support women to advocate for their own health and increase their knowledge of women’s health issues and conditions.  

The suite of new consumer health resources, to be released during Women’s Health Week from 2 to 6 September, will include checklists, human interest stories and podcasts to provide women across Australia with easy access to evidence-based information to empower them to understand and manage their own health. Checklists and how to guides including ‘how to talk to your doctor’ will support women to get the care they need from their treating health professionals. For women living in rural areas, checklists, guides and other health information can help to reduce barriers to healthcare and promote better health outcomes.  

Organisations, community groups and workplaces are encouraged to support the campaign by hosting an event for their workplace, community or social circle. the

The Royal Flying Doctor Service are among the thousands of organisations who participate in Women’s Health Week every year. Last year’s Women’s Health Week event saw staff from the South Australia and Northern Territory branch travel to Oodnadatta, SA, to run a Women's Health Clinic supported by Oodnadatta Health Service, before hosting a Barbie-themed evening event at the Pink Roadhouse with more than 50 women from the local community and surrounding stations. The following morning, the team flew to the town of Marree for consultations, as well as a yoga session and healthy lunch.

A Royal Flying Doctors Service staff member said, “it was great to see the community ‘out of hours’ and in a less formal setting, to build relationships and establish new working and non-working relationships. We received some great feedback about what some of the community members want for future programs.”The Royal Flying Doctor Service team also had an opportunity to spend time with patients, see them embrace Women's Health Week, and discuss what more the Flying Doctors can do to support women in rural and remote locations. They also delivered their regular 'bush runs' (fly-in clinics), delivering Jean Hailes Women's Health Week bags and health resources along the way.

Women’s Health Week runs from 2 to 6 September 2024.

Find out more about hosting an event or promoting the week by visiting the Jean Hailes Women’s Health Week website, or sign up to receive five days of health information during Women’s Health Week 2024.

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