Understanding resilience: a research project

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Partyline readers are invited to take part in a research project which aims to elicit a global understanding of the word ‘resilience’ and its cultural applicability.

The term ‘resilience’ has been used with varying degrees of formality and meaning across many disciplines. The complexity of defining ‘resilience’ within a Western context has been thoroughly investigated; however, the meaning and applicability of resilience across cultures has received little attention. This study has been designed to elicit a global understanding of ‘resilience’ and its cultural applicability.
The findings of this research will contribute to the overall understanding of the term resilience and any cultural implications that may alter the applicability for use of the term.
The survey is anonymous and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.
Associate Professor Caryn West and research colleagues from Nursing & Midwifery, James Cook University, Cairns Queensland, are conducting this study. Ethical approval has been sought and granted by the James Cook University Human Research Ethics Committee, with approval number H7900.

If you would like to discuss the project or require further information, contact Associate Professor Caryn West ([email protected] or +61 7 42321825).

You are welcome to share the survey link with your networks.


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