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Heart Support Australia

Heart Support Australia LogoHeart Support Australia (HS-A) is a national support organisation supported by the Department of Health, Australian Federal Government, for people with a heart condition, their families and carers. Whether preparing for surgery, recuperating from a heart event or making lifestyle changes to optimise quality of life, HS_A members offer support, encouragement, and information based on their own experience.

Research has shown that peer support has a strong bearing on the person’s ability to get better and remain healthy. Many people with heart problems find it helpful to talk to a supportive person who has been through a similar experience themselves and manage to overcome their fears and concerns. Simply knowing you are not alone and that others have managed to survive situations similar to what you are going through can be very helpful. Peer support not only offers opportunities to get help and answer the questions you don’t want to ask your doctor but also to give back. Many people who seek peer support end up giving support to others.

Of the 4.2 million Australians living with a heart condition 1.2 million are also diagnosed with heart disease and heart disease is still the number one killer in Australia. HS-A reaches out to Australians especially in remote, rural, and regional areas and provides them with the programs and services they need to improve their quality of life and help reduce their risk of a secondary heart event.

We have branches across Australia in Caboolture, Maryborough, San Remo, Perth, Dubbo, Darwin, Illawarra and Canberra.

We are keen to start up new groups all across the country, and particularly in country areas, so if you are in interested in starting a support group or would like to join us, please reach out to us on [email protected] or call us on 02 6253 0097.


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