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Artwork featured on the Eye Health web resource, "Life before the drought" by Julie Weekes

The Australian Indigenous HeathInfoNet, in partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation, is currently expanding the eye health information on the HealthInfoNet website.

Its Eye Health web resource provides comprehensive information and resources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health. The resource aims to help health professionals—who are often overburdened, under-resourced, and time poor—keep up-to-date with new information and research.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people report similar overall levels of eye health as non-Indigenous Australians, and their children often have better eyesight than non-Indigenous children. However, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are more likely to experience certain eye problems and adults are at much greater risk of blindness. Almost all of the eye problems experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are preventable or treatable, but delivering eye care in rural and remote communities remains a challenge.

The Eye Health resource includes a workforce portal; and a yarning place - an online network to help people connect.

The Eye Health Workforce Portal includes key facts written in plain language, and information and links about relevant resources, programs, publications and workforce matters. The information is organised under topics that include: vision loss and blindness; refractive error; cataract; diabetic retinopathy; and trachoma.

The Eye Health Yarning Place network helps people across Australia share their knowledge, experience and information. Members can yarn with each other on the discussion boards, or by using the email or online chat facilities.

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To join the yarning place go to:

For queries about the Eye Health web resource, contact: [email protected]

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