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  • Australian Journal of Rural Health cover
    Australian Journal of Rural Health Volume 26 Number 3 June 2018

Coming up in the next issue of the Australian Journal of Rural Health

  • Self recognition of mental health problems in a rural Australian sample

Striking findings about mental health literacy in rural and remote New South Wales. Find out what portion of people suffering psychological distress don’t think they have a mental health problem. This article will be made open access for six weeks from publication

  • What principles should guide visiting primary health care services in rural and remote communities?

Read this systematic review to learn how to develop the most effective visiting health service for rural and remote Australia.

  • An approach to improve culturally and socially inclusive care within rural health services

What new approach is being suggested to make mainstream rural health care organisations far more inclusive?

  • Clinical and Community Advisory Councils in Primary Health Networks

The literature supports a mechanism for community engagement as key to the Primary Health Network commissioning model, yet, with little evidence on what ‘effective commissioning’ is.

For these articles and much more visit the Australian Journal of Rural Health, the peer reviewed journal of the National Rural Health Alliance.

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