The Purple House: Sarah celebrates 16 years – a Friends 'My Place' story

  • Purple House people
    Purple House people
  • Purple House people
    Purple House people
  • At the Purple House, Sarah Brown squatting
    At the Purple House, Sarah Brown squatting
  • The Purple Truck
    The Purple Truck
  • The Purple House, Alice Springs
    The Purple House, Alice Springs

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Sarah Brown writes for the Friends 'My Place: where I live and work' series, in which members of Friends of the Alliance talk about their life and work and what's special about where they live, as a showcase for the diversity of life in rural and remote Australia.

In January 2019 I celebrated 16 years working for what is now called the ‘Purple House’.

Goodness, it’s hard to believe! Purple House started as a response from community members from the most remote part of Australia. People were desperate to improve the lives of people with kidney failure and help them to return home despite needing dialysis. They painted pictures, held an auction and raised a million bucks in one night!

We’ve had dialysis in Kintore and Alice Springs since 2004 and have helped lots of other communities to develop services, but Purple House is so much more.

There’s real ownership, hope and lots of fun and laughter. We seem to be able to make the very most of opportunities and attract and keep the most amazing staff.

I feel so absolutely honoured that Pintupi people offered me this chance to work with them. I am learning every day and despite the setbacks, the inevitable loss of people to this horrid disease and the challenges on providing health services in such remote locations, we seem to go from strength to strength.

We love making friends, we love visitors and we really like sharing our stories with people from around Australia and the world!

So check us out? Our facebook page The Purple House is pretty active.

I live in Alice Springs, I still get to go out bush to communities I have known for 25 years, I get to meet the most extraordinary people, see the most stunning country and contribute in some small way to something really important. How could I possibly do anything else?


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