Poetry: Dream of a Little Baby Siya

  • Banyan tree
Anil Kumar

One fine morning, little Siya woke up,

And found taciturnity everywhere,

In and around the house,

She stretched arms round the neck of grandpa and asked,

‘Why all gloomy and sad’?


Grandpa took her in his lap,

And said with profound sigh-

Invisible and invincible devil demon-

Corona attacked our world,

Taking thousands of precious lives and causing the whole world standstill.


The little Siya got frightened,

And asked grandpa to tell,

 Good story of his childhood life.


The eyes of grandpa gleamed with joy,

And said when I was of your age,

Snowy mountains and beautiful trees,

 Bloomed the nature

I swear I touched, felt and lived,

With the snow long ago

The clear sky was full of brightened stars,

Which I had seen every night


Siya was happy and slept peacefully,

And had a beautiful dream that night

 She found herself amidst,

 The army of great warriors.

All young and old, rich and poor,

Healthy and sick were fighting bravely,

 Against the panic-monger corona and won the battle.


Everybody was happy,

enjoying and dancing everywhere,

Nightingales sitting on the banyan tree,

Listening the song of cuckoo,

And also watching the dance of peacock


The nature bestowed,

 All its beauties to the world.

In the morning,

Siya told her dream to grandpa.

Grandpa was happy.

Blessed and wished,

her dream to come true.

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