Opening up the conversation about rural suicide

  • Opening up the conversation about rural suicide

Every person in a rural farming community knows someone who has taken their life. Many more have attempted suicide or had thoughts of taking their own life. The ripple effect of a suicide experience can tear apart the fabric of family and community, impacting friends, family, colleagues and carers.

But you can help change that!

The National Centre for Farmer Health is calling for every adult in Australia’s rural communities to sign up for the Ripple Effect — a research project reducing stigma by opening up the conversation about rural suicide.

If we are to turn back the tide of suicide in rural communities we need to know what people are thinking. We need everyone to share their insights about how rural suicide has affected them. Participation in the Ripple Effect is anonymous and can be done where and when it suits you. It can be accessed from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The results of this research will enable planners, researchers and government to realise the extent of the problem of rural suicide—and start developing ways to reduce loss of life and to improve support to all those affected by it.

For information contact: Dr Alison Kennedy, National Centre for Farmer Health, Tel: (03) 5551 8587, Email: [email protected]

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