The nbn™ network and a world of possibilities

  • NBN Co Satellite Ground Station at Wolumla

NBN Co Satellite Ground Station at Wolumla. Front page image NBN construction site - Mount Cotton Fixed Wireless. Photo credit: NBN

Access to fast broadband can be a game changer. With the nbn™ network available to a third of the country today, 70 per cent of this in regional and remote Australia, the forecast is for everyone to have access by 2020.

Find out more about the nbn at the 14th National Rural Health Conference where nbnco will be exhibiting.

Visit the nbn booth in the Conference Exhibition to find out how to make the most of better connectivity and what to consider before connecting to the nbn network. It will be your opportunity to ask questions about the nbn and you.

The state of the art communications network is opening a world of possibilities across areas such as health, education, business and entertainment.


Some health practitioners can now consult with their peers around the world in real time using video-conferencing solutions. This is making a huge difference to the quality of the health care that people receive in rural areas where this is available.

NBN graphicEducation

Access to new technologies is allowing people of all ages to do things that they simply couldn’t do before.

Children in regional and rural Australia now have access to quality education in real time including learning materials that may not have been available previously.  Students of any age have access to unprecedented learning content such as high definition documentaries and tutorials.


Access to the nbn™ network brings new opportunities for businesses and can transform the way they interact with suppliers and customers. The growth of e-commerce and the availability of Cloud services will be major drivers of business efficiencies, lowering costs and improving customer service.


The nbn™ network means entertainment on demand with access to the content you want, when you want it.  Everything from video streaming, music downloads or live news and sport.


Smooth video conferencing without constant buffering takes the frustration out of face to face contact with loved ones or work colleagues.

What’s involved in connecting to the nbnnetwork?

Switching to the nbn™ network is not automatic.

Check your address on the nbn website at                                                                                                                   

The website allows nearly every Australian to find out when they will be able to contact their preferred retailer to connect to the nbn™ network.

Contact an internet provider and ask about switching your internet to the nbn™ network. You will see a list of providers on the nbn website. Your internet provider can help you choose a plan and speed that suits your household/business needs. Choosing the right speed tier is vital to fulfilling your requirements.

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