Mental wellness program for school kids in regional WA

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Photos: Helping Minds

HelpingMinds, the Western Australian organisation supporting the mental health of families, young people and adults, is running a series of workshops for primary school-aged children. CRAFT is designed to create resilience, awareness, friendship and teamwork through a mental wellness awareness program for children and from Kindergarten to Year 6.
The HelpingMinds team uses crafts, story books and discussion, to deliver the program which includes topics such as emotions, sadness, self-care, bullying, diversity, difference and multiculturalism.

The Craft projectThe CRAFT program is delivered through partnerships with schools in regional Western Australia. The program is compatible with the WA Education Department’s behaviours policies. A HelpingMinds Family Support Worker facilitates the program in the classroom with the teacher present. Teachers are invited to participate, but their attendance is not essential or necessary.  

In early February, HelpingMinds ran CRAFT groups with Kindergarten and Pre-Schooler children at the Carnarvon Christian School. It was fun for everyone involved, including the teachers. The Deputy Principal commented that the sessions made such an impact on the students, and that they are looking forward to many years of HelpingMinds providing this program.

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