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  • Information about the Well Man app. Images: Men's Resource Centre.
    Information about the Well Man app. Images: Men's Resource Centre.



Men's Resource Centre
Grant Westthorp, CEO

Hi, Grant Westthorp here, I am the CEO of the Well Man Tour which is owned by the Men’s Resource Centre, Albany, West Australia. Recently our funding finished from the WA Country Health Service which has altered the business to a fee for service model and my typical day quite considerably. I now operate a mobile service and have more meetings in coffee shops (bonus!). The main purpose of the Well Man Tour is to assist all men globally to live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives. My day involves delivering wellbeing promotion and prevention strategies through workshops, presentations and social media. On top of this I assist men in distress locally, mentor 15 to 75-year-olds on a mountain bike and run half a dozen major events annually to promote physical, mental and social wellbeing.

The major focus for the Well Man Tour is to get all men in remote, regional and urban areas to download the free Well Man app. The app offers a practical, sustainable and holistic approach to wellness with the ability to talk to crisis agencies with one tap. It contains information, practical tips and skills covering physical, mental and social wellbeing to better cope with life.

The Well Man Tour encourages individuals to recognise that they are responsible for their health and wellbeing and the app will provide relevant information to assist them on this journey. The Well Man Tour Performance is a two-hour show delivered by myself and comedian Mark McConville which provides fun, laughter and information. Early this year the Performance funded by Health Reimagined was delivered in Mackay, Cairns, Port Douglas, Atherton and Townsville to over 480 people with 75% of patrons downloading the app (job done!). We are happy to visit your area; for more information email [email protected].

Working with men can be a difficult at times however I have overcome this by offering men a safe space to talk and time to tell their story. I create engaging programs that educate and stimulate further participation by attendees to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing. The not-for-profit sector is an extremely competitive environment for funding and I have designed products to sell on a fee-for-service basis to overcome this pressure.

I authored the first Men’s Survival Handbook in 2013. It drew on the strengths of men, providing solution-focused strategies that enabled efficacy and self-determination. Over 23,000 copies have been distributed and requested over the past 5 years. Using my entrepreneurial skills, I researched and engaged the McCusker Citizenship Internship Program to build an app. Currently the app has been downloaded 2,500 times. The only thing I would have done differently would be to print less and adopt the app version earlier. For more information about what I do visit The QR code for the app is QR code address

 I #loverural because of the generosity, honesty, humour and spirit of the people that live outside of cities.

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