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    R U OK? Sport [Image source R U OK?]
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    Perth - Trust the Signs Tour [Image source R U OK?]
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    R U OK? Loxton Football Club. [Image source R U OK?]

We head into 2022 hoping for a brighter year for everyone but aware that many Australians continue to face challenges.

In recent years, people living in rural, regional and remote Australia have been dealing not only with the pandemic and the upheaval that has caused, but many have also had to contend with drought, floods, plagues or bushfires.

It’s unclear when we’ll be back to business as usual but, throughout the recent challenges, we’re conscious of the positive difference an individual can make for someone in their world who might be doing it tough, through the power of a genuine, meaningful conversation.

During times of increased uncertainty and isolation, having contact with others and feeling connected can really help.

In 2022, R U OK? will continue to empower Australians with the tips and tools to ask ‘Are you OK?’ and navigate a conversation with someone they know who might be struggling. Because we know a conversation can change a life.

We do this by delivering free resources that increase the motivation, confidence and skills of individuals to recognise the signs that someone is struggling, start a genuine conversation and lend appropriate support.

R U OK? also tailors these resources for a range of settings including grassroots sporting clubs and associations, seniors, those who live and work in regional and remote Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and members of LGBTIQ+ communities. We develop resources for schools, workplaces and councils, to help build a more connected local community and equip everyone with the confidence to support anyone in their world who may be struggling.

In 2022, we need your help to champion the message every day of the year. You don't have to do it alone; our resources include step-by-step guidance so you can learn how and when to ask R U OK? and navigate a conversation if someone says they’re not OK. All resources are free and available to download from ruok.org.au

We all have a role to play. So make 2022 your year for meaningful conversations – because a conversation could change a life.

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