Diabetes educator improving the health of northern Queenslanders through understanding and prevention

  • Ingrid Hagne
    Ingrid Hagne

Photo: Northern Queensland PHN

Diabetes Educator Ingrid Hagne has always been passionate about education playing a major role in a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Ingrid works for Diabetes and Health Solutions (DAHS), a company that provides diabetes education to communities in northern Queensland, regularly visiting locations from Tully, across the Tablelands region, and north to Mossman.
DAHS is also a My health for life provider, of which the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) is a health alliance partner. Ingrid was one of the first facilitators of the program in the region.

My health for life is funded by the Queensland Government and is a free six-month program where participants work with a qualified health professional to design a tailored health plan to suit their lifestyle.

Ingrid said the program teaches participants how to make positive and sustainable changes to prevent poor health outcomes in the future.

“The My health for life program focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes to prevent development of chronic conditions such as stroke, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes,” said Ingrid.

“The program uses motivational interviewing in a supportive environment where participants can learn how to make changes in their behaviour to improve their health.

“There are six sessions that are held over a six-month period, with the first session outlining their intentions for the program and what they hope to achieve.

“There is a three-month break between sessions five and six, giving time for clients to put into practice what they have learned to achieve the goals they have set.”

Ingrid has been facilitating the program for over 12 months. In that time 28 clients have taken part and Ingrid has had the opportunity to get involved in crucial stages of their health and wellness journey.

“As a diabetes educator, the clients I see already have a chronic condition,” Ingrid said.

“Through the My health for life program, I am able to help prevent my clients from developing further chronic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, which is very rewarding.”

Ingrid is now a highly-regarded advocate for My health for life, encouraging general practitioners in Cairns and surrounds to become providers and facilitators of the program to improve the wellbeing of the community.  

“DAHS’s motto is ‘Better Health Through Understanding’. Being a provider of My health for life and encouraging others to get involved in the program enables clients to have that understanding of how to improve their health and therefore their risks of chronic conditions,” said Ingrid.

“It is extremely fulfilling on a personal level to be able to help guide program facilitators to coach their clients in achieving their health goals and reducing their risks of developing chronic conditions.”

Ingrid, along with her DAHS colleagues, is providing a higher level of educational support to communities across northern Queensland, helping them to live happier, healthier, and longer lives.


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