Connecting Friends in 2020-21

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National Rural Health Alliance
Gabrielle O'Kane,
Chief Executive Officer

Friends of the Alliance is united by a passion for improving the health and wellbeing of the people of rural and remote Australia.

Friends is a network of people and organisations that supports the objectives of the National Rural Health Alliance, Australia’s peak non-government organisation for rural and remote health.

The Alliance brings together the voices and commitment of its 44 member organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of the seven million people in rural and remote Australia.

Fundamental to the Alliance’s work is the belief that, wherever they live, everyone should have the opportunity for equal health outcomes, and equivalent access to comprehensive, high-quality and appropriate health services.

As a Friend you can: connect with like-minded rural and remote people and organisations; have your voice heard on the health needs of your community; and share positive solutions.

Friends provide valuable grassroots connections to help the Alliance better understand the health issues affecting the lives of rural and remote Australians. You can keep us informed by contributing to Partyline magazine and by responding to news and opinion pieces on our website or contacting us personally by email or phone.

Benefits of becoming a Friend:

  • complimentary subscription to the Australian Journal of Rural Health for individual membership;
  • discounted registration to Alliance events;
  • subscription to Partyline, the Alliance’s quarterly magazine that features news, opinions and events specific to rural and remote health;
  • access to the Alliance's monthly electronic newsletter The Bushwire; and
  • the opportunity to work with the newly elected Friends Advisory Committee.

We will be holding a Photo and Poetry competition from 1 July 2020 to 31 August 2020. This year’s theme is #loverural and details and entry form can be found here.

2020-21 will also see the launch of an online Friends Community portal where members can share issues, opinions and solutions and network directly. Details will be available soon.

For more details about how to join Friends and support the Alliance, click here.

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