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  • 14th National Rural Health Conference

Register to attend the 14th National Rural Health Conference at ruralhealth.org.au/conference

The 14th National Rural Health Conference is being held in Cairns in April (www.ruralhealth.org.au/14nrhc). Why should you attend?

There are thousands of good ideas in Australia's rural and remote health sector about how to improve health and wellbeing - and more than a thousand people planning to attend the Cairns Conference. These good ideas, these delegates, the 65 exhibitors and 250 speakers are just some of the reasons you should attend.

The Conference is far more than just a talk-fest or networking event – it is an opportunity for individuals to contribute their ideas on how to improve the health system in Australia. It can lead to incontrovertible, evidence-based suggestions about what needs to be done, why, and by whom. When followed up after the event by organisations and individuals keen to promote them, the pressure builds for changes to be implemented.

As a combined voice the Conference will collate a set of delegate agreed recommendations and present them to the Health Minister on the final day. The Conference encourages governments, other organisations and relevant stakeholders to consider the recommendations and to act on those recommendations relevant to their area of interest. The recommendations help form the policy agenda of many organisations in the two years between biennial Rural Health Conferences.

Recommendations are submitted by delegates and session chairs via The Sharing Shed. A Recommendations Committee collates these ideas and, based on their level of support from other delegates, produces a set of practicable, priority recommendations aimed at improving the health of the seven million people who live and work in rural and remote Australia.

Over 250 presentations

There will oral and poster presentations from the rural and remote health sector in Australia and overseas – topics include telehealth, aged care, Indigenous health, food security, disability, improving safety, reducing violence, arts and health, vulnerable kids, delivering valued services, birthing and pregnancy services, mental health, workforce policies, emergency care, connectivity, drugs and alcohol, eye health, specialist services, consumer engagement, research and evidence palliative care, and social justice.  There’s sure to be something to interest you!

Keynote speakers

Thirty keynote speakers in seven themed plenary sessions will address access for the vulnerable, the economics of rural and remote communities, social determinants of health, a commitment to excellence through primary health care, local evidence for local conditions, cultural competence for remote practice, and a world of rural health.

So, if you want to get involved and contribute to improved health in rural and remote Australia be in Cairns on 26-29 April 2017. Don’t miss this biennial opportunity to help shape the future of rural and remote health services in Australia. It’s not too late to register and you can do this online via www.ruralhealth.org.au/14nrhc

If you can’t make it to Cairns you can still keep in touch with developments at the Conference. You can view the content of The Sharing Shed (www.ruralhealth.org.au/sharingshed) and follow #ruralhealthconf on social media.

We do hope to see you in Cairns.

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