Birdie and the Storm

  • Birdie and the Storm
Children's Health Queensland
Andrea Baldwin, Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

There’s a new addition to the Birdie storybooks, helping babies, young children and their families cope with natural disasters. In Birdie and the Storm, Birdie and Mr Frog are frightened by the thunder and lightning of a hailstorm. When the hail breaks Birdie’s nest, she feels sad and angry. But friends and other helpers clean up the mess and rebuild Birdie’s nest, so Birdie and Mr Frog can feel safe and happy again.

There are now nine books in the Birdie series, dealing with flood, fire, cyclone, earthquake, drought, heatwaves, community illness, pandemic and storms. Relaxing with Birdie is a mindfulness and movement routine to help children calm down, relax, rest and sleep, even in stressful times. Fun with Birdie is an activity book especially for children who’ve experienced a natural disaster or disruptive event, such as being evacuated or quarantined.

Technology helps Birdie reach as many children and families as possible in regional, rural and remote areas. All the books can be read for free on the Birdie’s Tree website. There are games for children to play, information for parents and teachers, and links to other resources and supports. Three new videos on the site help adults support children through ‘big feelings’, while Birdie and the Virus and Relaxing with Birdie can be viewed as animations. Fun with Birdie can be freely downloaded and shared with children of multiple ages.


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