Parliamentary Friends of Rural and Remote Health

The National Rural Health Alliance is delighted with the announcement of the second Parliamentary Friends of Rural and Remote Health Group.

Established in September 2017 under the 45th Parliament, with the support of the National Rural Health Alliance, the group is co‑chaired by rural MPs and long-time friends of the Alliance, the Hon Warren Snowdon, Member for Lingiari, and the Hon Warren Entsch, Member for Leichhardt. The group was re‑established under the 46th Parliament in September 2019.

This non-partisan group will provide a forum for Senators and Members to ensure the organisations that assist those in rural and remote areas have a communication pathway to the Australian Government and are able to share concerns and successes.

The Alliance Council plans to meet with the Parliamentary Friends regularly to discuss ways to advance the vision of the Alliance’s Member Bodies—to improve the health and wellbeing of the 7 million people that live and work in rural and remote Australia.

Breakfast with Parliamentary Friends of Rural and Remote Health and the National Rural Health Alliance – 13 February 2020

Speakers at this breakfast will include:

Ms Tanya Lehmann – Chair, National Rural Health Alliance
Professor Anthony Capon – Director, Monash Sustainable Development Institute
Professor Jenny May – Rural GP; Director, University of Newcastle Department of Rural Health
Dr Arnagretta Hunter – Physician; Cardiologist; Clinical Senior Lecturer, ANU Medical School

Members of the second Parliamentary Friends of Rural and Remote Health Group

Mrs Bridget Archer MP, Member for Bass
Senator Tim Ayres, Senator for New South Wales
Hon Chris Bowen MP, Member for Prospect
Mr Russell Broadbent MP, Member for Monash
Hon Linda Burney MP, Member for Canterbury
Senator Anthony Chisholm, Senator for Queensland
Mr George Christensen MP, Member for Dawson
Hon Jason Clare MP, Member for Blaxland
Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck, Senator for Tasmania
Senator Perin Davey, Senator for New South Wales
Senator Patrick Dodson, Senator for Western Australia
Hon Mark Dreyfus MP, Member for Isaacs
Hon Warren Entsch MP, Member for Leichhardt
Senator the Hon David Fawcett, Senator for South Australia
Dr Mike Freelander MP, Member for Macarthur
Hon Dr David Gillespie MP, Member for Lyne
Mr Luke Gosling MP, Member for Solomon
Dr Helen Haines MP, Member for Indi
Ms Ged Kearney MP, Member for Cooper
Hon Nola Marino MP, Member for Forrest
Ms Emma McBride MP, Member for Dobell
Senator Susan McDonald, Senator for Queensland
Hon Dr John McVeigh MP, Member for Groom
Mr Brian Mitchell MP, Member for Lyons
Mr Ken O'Dowd MP, Member for Flynn
Senator Deborah O'Neill, Senator for New South Wales
Mr Tony Pasin MP, Member for Barker
Senator Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia
Mr Rowan Ramsay MP, Member for Grey
Senator Janet Rice, Senator for Victoria
Senator Paul Scarr, Senator for Queensland
Ms Rebekha Sharkie MP, Member for Mayo
Senator Marielle Smith, Senator for South Australia
Hon Warren Snowdon MP, Member for Lingiari
Senator Amanda Stoker, Senator for Queensland
Dr Anne Webster MP, Member for Mallee

Parliamentary Friends of Rural and Remote Health Co-Chairs

Warren Snowdon

Hon Warren Snowdon

Warren Entsch

Hon Warren Entsch