Online Tai Chi for knee Osteoarthritis (Retreat trial)

The University of Melbourne, Centre for Health Exercise and Sports Medicine is seeking research participants for a clinical trial on chronic knee pain. 

This study compares the effects of a self-directed 12-week online Tai Chi program with online education on knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Participants will be randomly allocated to one of two groups.

Participants will have access to online information about knee osteoarthritis and management for 12 weeks. About half of the participants will be randomly selected by the researchers to participate in a 12-week online Tai Chi exercise program and use a Tai Chi exercise support app.

Eligible participants will receive a $50 e-gift card upon completion of the trial.

For more information visit or contact 03 8344 9531. 


Posted Date: 
Wednesday, 31 January 2024 to Tuesday, 31 December 2024

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