80 years of Regional Arts Australia

For 80 years, Regional Arts Australia (RAA) has facilitated opportunities, increased access and provided support to celebrate Australian stories. 

In 1943, our founder, Miss Dorothy Helmrich OBE, saw a need to bring the arts to people living outside Australian metropolitan centres. Today, RAA ensures arts in regional Australia are embedded within all of governments plans. Our priorities are to strengthen practice through working across industry and policy sectors. 

In 2023, RAA is seeking core capacity funding to ensure it can continue to support contemporary practice across regional Australia.

To find out how you can support their work, please visit: pledgeadot.raisely.com

Image: A fun-filled day for the whole family at Imagine Seaside Carnival. Photo by Steve Kelk for Foldback Media NT. Foldback Magazine Inc is the recipient of a Quick Response Grant through the Regional Arts Fund, as managed by Darwin Community Arts on behalf of Regional Arts Australia.


Posted Date: 
Wednesday, 8 March 2023 to Tuesday, 31 December 2024

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