Support for major depressive disorder

Researchers at Deakin University have developed DepressionASSIST, a new website for family members, partners and friends of adults with major depressive disorder.

DepressionASSIST provides information not only about depression and its treatment, but also about ways family and friends can provide support, communicate with the person with depression, and maintain their own wellbeing. There is also a section with links to other supportive resources for family and friends, and the opportunity to chat with a facilitator.

They are seeking help from affected family and friends who live in rural areas, to better understand how DepressionASSIST can be adapted to their needs. Participants will have access to the site for eight weeks and will be asked to provide feedback. Ultimately, this will help to develop a useful website to benefit family and friends and the people with depression that they support.

Interested? Register at or contact the researchers on 0456 755 552 or [email protected]


Posted Date: 
Tuesday, 26 July 2022 to Sunday, 30 June 2024

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