Support for rare diseases – survey

The Rare Disease Awareness Education, Support and Training (RArEST) Project aims to develop helpful resources and training for health professionals in their care of people living with a rare disease.

Did you know the average full-time GP has 74 active rare disease patients and that an estimated 2 million Australians live with a rare disease? Despite variation among different rare diseases, people living with a rare disease face common challenges, including a lack of awareness and timely and accurate diagnosis.

GPs are the first point of contact in the health system and are best placed to coordinate comprehensive, family-centred care for chronic and complex patients and their families.

Let RArEST know how they can help via this short anonymous survey.

You can leave your details to learn more, or contact Nada on [email protected] 

Posted Date: 
Saturday, 28 May 2022 to Tuesday, 31 December 2024

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