Workforce mapping tool supports rural health reform

Tuesday, 30 November 2021
Mapping tool screen shot of Australia

The Alliance has launched a geospatial mapping tool that reveals rural health workforce gaps in every pocket of rural, regional and remote Australia.

The Rural Health Workforce Mapping Tool (RHWMT) is an evidence-based resources that can be used to drive rural health reform by answering crucial questions raised by policymakers and rural health stakeholders.

The RHWMT uses regional centre data as a benchmark to compare how the workforce is distributed across rural and remote areas through the lens of three filters: Commonwealth Electorate Divisions, Local Government Areas and the Department of Health’s Modified Monash Model.

These ‘heat maps’ allow users, such as politicians, policymakers, health services and community planners, to develop a greater understanding of local health issues. They show where the health workforce is most in need, including the professions that may be in local shortage.

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