Senior positions with the NRHA

Monday, 16 September 2013

The National Rural Health Alliance is seeking applications for two new positions: Senior Manager (Operations) and Senior Managing (Policy and Projects). Applications close this Wednesday (18 September).

These new roles offer the opportunity to be part of the Senior Management Team to lead the NRHA's work towards good health and wellbeing in rural and remote Australia. Salaries for both positions will be negotiated to ensure high quality appointments.

The Senior Manager (Operations) will be responsible for the overall business and human resource management of the Alliance, providing high level strategic advice to the Executive Director on business and resource planning, financial sustainability and compliance, and for leading the operations team.

The Senior Manager (Policy and Projects) will be responsible for leading the policy and projects team in line with the strategic direction and operational plans of the Alliance. Work in the position will include planning and reporting on policy activity, researching and writing policy and advocacy positions, developing presentations, preparing written reports and submissions, leading projects relevant to the work of the Alliance, and providing high level strategic advice to the Executive Director and the Council on policy and advocacy matters.

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