Rural pharmacies easing concerns about COVID vaccinations

Friday, 24 September 2021
Andy Lech

In the rural town of Kingaroy – the peanut capital of Australia – rural health professionals are leading efforts to vaccinate local communities. One of the first pharmacists to join the rollout program in Queensland was Andy Lerch from Good Price Pharmacy.

Andy says he didn’t hesitate to join the vaccination program to help keep people of the South Burnett region on Waka Waka lands safer.

‘We were one of the first pharmacies this year to begin doing the AstraZeneca COVID vaccinations and it has been really impressive the way the community has come along to get vaccinated – they really want to get that number up.

‘We have only had the AstraZeneca vaccination and we have had to talk to a lot of people about the benefits and the risks.

‘We still get a lot of questions every day about what we think the COVID situation in Australia is going to do and about the vaccines and side-effects. But we have helped ease their concerns and provided access for a lot of people to be able to get vaccinated and get that percentage up so that the whole community is protected.’